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Good coaching can help you take advantage of your next big break. 


Great coaching can help lead you to your next big breakthrough. 


Through a careful blend of compassion, assessment tools and decades of experience, I'm after your next big breakthrough - whatever that means to you. 


I'll help you and/or your company to challenge limiting beliefs, remain open to new possibilities and tap into your greatness - one conversation at a time until the outcome is undeniable. 


Whether you're interested in executive coaching, career development or simply sharpening your leadership skills, I'll be ready when you are.

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching
Leadership impact is built over time. It requires skill and resilience, today more than ever. But, what has made a leader successful in the past has a zero guarantee of future success. My executive coaching is highly customized to help leaders rise to new levels of excellence, and measurable results.
Career Development
Changes at work, or in our professions, may place us at a crossroad—forcing decisions about our ‘what’s next.’ You may wish to cement your career path, change it slightly, or alter it dramatically. My career development strategies and certified tools will propel you along your journey—perhaps toward personal reinvention.

Coaching Methodolgy


My proprietary model for executive coaching engagements is built on 3 C’s:

  1. Leveraging a Catalyst, such as a promotion or leadership initiative, for growth purposes.

  2. Building Courageous leadership—and followership—skills.

  3. Operating with authentic Confidence through uncharted territory.


With nearly three decades of successful business and talent leadership, I'm a proven coach who can help others achieve results. My proprietary coaching model incorporates assessment tools as needed and is highly customized based on unique client needs. I work across the entire competency scale, revealing blindspots and maximizing latent strengths. Shaping Personalized Leadership Plans, I focus on building both content knowledge and emotional intelligence – i.e., hard and soft skills.


Coaching is a journey, not a destination. Three phases comprise this journey with clients, where probing questions are explored, and customized exercises are used to shape paths to be taken.

A partial list of questions for each journey is found below each phase:



Phase I: Intelligence Gathering – Points of Entry

  • What is the current conception of the need/desire for coaching? Has it been recommended, or is it being requested?

  • What feedback from others can be gleaned and reflected upon through this process?

  • What beliefs does the client hold strongly? These could be related to their development, professional beliefs, or personal beliefs, which can be explored, challenged, or questioned


Phase II: Needs Assessment / PDP or Leadership Plan

  • Is the client an individual contributor or part of a team? What opportunities or roadblocks are inherent in this coaching engagement?

  • Is there a thorny issue or concern to be extracted as part of or before this engagement?

  • What does the client’s vision for the future (i.e., 3 years) look and feel like? How can that guide and inspire them?


Phase III: Immersion – Tools and Strategies Along the Journey

  • Coaching Journal

  • Feedback for the Coach

  • Assessment/Stakeholder Input Tools

….and much more!

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