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Joanne (Jo) Rencher has proven experience in business and human resources, having led strategic and complex change initiatives across a variety of industries. She has worked at the C-level for major conglomerates and iconic brands. She served as the Chief People Officer for the American Red Cross in Greater New York, and as the Chief Business and Talent Officer for the Girl Scouts of the USA – the first such role for the Girl Scouts.  Earlier in her career, Jo had the privilege of partnering with other notable leaders through the growth stages of a global research, development and policy organization working to discover a vaccine for the AIDS virus – the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.  She is the Founder and Principal of Joanne Rencher & Associates, LLC, a full-service HR consulting firm focused on pushing individuals and companies to their next level of excellence.  Jo is also the author of numerous articles, including her writings, "People Analytics: The Flywheel Effect" for the field of HR (2016), and "How Companies Kill Innovation" (2016).  As a motivational speaker, Jo is often described as a 'leader’s leader’. She believes her calling is to encourage and inspire other women on route to their destinies.

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