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Get Tough...Find Your Voice…Stay Authentic 

Each day, the workplace produces a unique set of issues, opportunities and challenges for women working across all sectors and industries. These challenges will come from all corners: external business conditions, internal workplace dynamics, the result of our own self-defeating habits, etc.


Successful female leaders must be tough, and poised to answer hard questions along the way.


How can you remain ‘authentically awesome’ in the workplace? How do you increase the value which you bring to your company? How can you recognize, and deal with mean-girls in the workplace who can hinder you from succeeding? What are some strategies to survive, and thrive, through a job loss?


Tough As Nails: Finding Your Voice as a Woman in the Workplace will provide the answers to all of these questions…and, many more!  Through practical advice, tangible tools, and her own personal insights, Jo will meet you where you are, and take this transformative journey with you.


You are worthy enough to be loved, important enough to be challenged, and special enough to find your unique voice. There’s great work ahead…let’s get started!

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